Local Festive installations experts The Festive Group have teamed up with The Walton Centre to light the entire building in glorious NHS blue to honour staff and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals and landmarks are remembering those who have lost their lives to Corona Virus and the staff who have given so much to help those affected by the deadly disease.

The bold gesture has been co-ordinated by the team at The Walton Centre to tie in with the 75th anniversary of the NHS on Sunday.

It is a culmination of initiatives to mark the sacrifices of so many key workers during this difficult time whilst remembering 75 years of the glorious NHS and has been created as a moment of love, reflection and appreciation.

Windows in the building will be filled with over 250 pictures from local school children which will be illuminated by the installation.

Once again, the whole country will be encouraged to unite on Sunday 5th July for one last clap for the NHS at 5pm.

Paul Lally, The Festive Group, said “We all know how hard our front line workers have worked during this crisis and we absolutely loved the initiative from the Walton Centre and are delighted to help. We did not have to think twice about honouring our marvellous NHS and recognising the essential role they have played during this deadly and devastating pandemic.  The Festive Group is delighted to help the Walton Centre acknowledge the 75th anniversary of the NHS and the role every single key front line worker has played to get us to this point today.”