We are all no doubt salivating at the prospect of an all English Champions League final. Two excellent, courageous sides led by two charismatic and remarkable coaches. Mauricio Pochettino and Jurgen Klopp are kindred spirits in the way they connect with their players, their staff, with the fans and in the energy and soul, they bring to each club. They manage two sides who are constantly striving for excellence.

Mauricio Pochettino summed up the emotion of winning the semi-final, saying “It is still difficult to talk. When you work and feel the love, it’s not a stress, it’s a pleasure. It was tough, but this is a magic competition. I am so grateful to be a coach! All my players and back room staff are heroes”.

Sports fans around the world gave Liverpool very little hope of winning the semi-final after the size of their defeat in Spain, especially with Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino out injured. But reds boss Jurgen Klopp urged his players to keep believing and together with his backroom staff, masterminded an extraordinary performance and result.

So what can we learn from these two remarkable coaches? Both are coaches who gets their club and are unfazed by the big stage. Both have resilience and a positive mentality, and rather than focussing on being behind, they construct a plan and have the confidence to see it through. Both coaches have also assembled excellent backroom teams delivering a range of sports science, coaching and fitness expertise with which to achieve success.

Excellent coaching and success in sport is no longer just about the technical and tactical stuff, it’s all the other knowledge and expertise in sports science such as strength & conditioning, physiology, psychology and performance analysis that can make the difference. Take Trent Alexander-Arnolds exceptional speed of thought and vision when taking the corner that led to the winning goal. Sheer brilliance, yes, but without the help of the performance analysts, who had apparently noticed how Barcelona tend to switch off at dead ball situations, maybe this event may never have happened, and we would be talking about a very different result .

Sadly, such knowledge and expertise in sports science, coaching and fitness is not readily available to the vast majority of coaches around the world. But a Liverpool based company is now looking to change that, providing renowned expertise in sports science, coaching and fitness, in convenient bite-sized chapters of video education, and available online at a time to suit the learner.

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