A pioneering wellness company has hired Ubiquity PR to help raise awareness of the unique sporting methods they use to enable clients to reduce stress in the workplace.

www.painpointcoach.co.uk helps teams to understand how sports performance and situations that arise in the workplace are related to fight or flight.

John Bullock, the brainchild behind Pain Point Coach who are making rapid inroads into the corporate market in Liverpool and further afield explained:

“Ubiquity is well placed to drive the opportunities available to Pain Point Coach. Its specialism in wellness plus its respected connections will support our ‘wellbeing in the workplace’ roadshow which will launch in January 2020 across the North West.

“We’ve already engaged with many businesses in the lead up to the very busy festive season hosting for example, focus groups to help pilot our unique message. This has been a good opportunity to engage with a diverse range of business, each with a unique set of stressful challenges at work.”

Ubiquity PR’s Joel Jelen summed up what companies and organisations can expect to gain from Pain Point Coach workshops.

He said: “They are very much about a sense of fun with a serious underlying message. Pain Point Coach workshops involve a small amount of non-vigorous physical activity and expose the tactics and strategies that sports people adopt in becoming successful. In leading the sessions, John helps teams relate those to their own workplace scenario and inspires their thinking about their own wellbeing and success at work.”

Joel added: “It’s a very exciting project for us. John’s sporting prowess and experience comes from holding the British kick boxing title. Along with his training in mindfulness and 20-year history in running a number of successful businesses, all this combines to deliver a powerful antidote to the biggest obstacle in people’s daily lives – managing stress.”