Western Union Business Solutions has been assisting Greater Birmingham businesses with the solutions they need to send and receive or to manage funds in over 130 currencies around the world. With their extensive global network spanning over 200+ countries and territories combined with their knowledge of local markets, they have been able to enable businesses to manage foreign exchange (FX) and international payments simply and efficiently.

The business, which pioneered the idea of moving money around the world has been connecting people globally for over 169 years. As one of the world’s leading business providers of cross-border payments, Western Union Business Solutions is transforming how businesses can expand globally through one of the largest and most diverse payment networks in the world.

According to a report by the House of Commons, 46 per cent of goods in the West Midlands were exported to the EU, with another £6.638bn worth of goods being exported from businesses in the West Midlands across the Atlantic in 2018.

In Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce’s latest Quarterly Business Report, it was found that 26 per cent of local businesses listed foreign exchange as a commerce concern.

To help firms in the Midlands manage their overseas money matters, Western Union Business Solutions want to extend their support to businesses with the help of Amy Deakin, Channel Partnership Manager at the firm.

Amy joined Western Union Business Solutions after previously working at West Midlands—based Acorns Children’s Hospice.

Christina Wadlow, Head of Partnerships at Western Union Business Solutions, said: “Birmingham is a hub for manufacturing, and we are committed to helping businesses across the Midlands to manage the complexity of FX planning and cross-border payments. That is why we are delighted to be growing our presence in the region under the experienced steer of Amy Deakin.”

Amy said: “I’m a proud Brummie that focuses my attention on how to support others, the common thread in my work is seeking opportunities to help.”

Currency volatility is an issue for many firms trading internationally according to Western Union Business Solutions and receiving guidance on how to manage risk can be a challenge without the proper tools.

Supporting Amy in the Midland’s area will also be her colleague, Luke Barrett, Senior Business Development Manager at Western Union Business Solutions and Financial Conduct Authority regulated adviser. Luke is on hand to provide local support, help businesses to navigate their international currency requirements. He has aided firms trading overseas to build strategies, manage risks and increase payment efficiencies.

Alongside Luke and Amy, is also Business Development Associate for Payment Products, Jessica Notman. Jessica is well-diverse in supporting businesses with global mobility and international payroll needs. With her help, businesses can improve employee relocation processes both for themselves and their assignees.

Abby Goldie, Nation Director of Business Support at Downtown in Business, comments: “Western Union Business Solutions are showing our members that implementing a strategic approach to planning your foreign exchange requirements can have a real benefit to the ability of businesses to manage risk and uncertainty in the current climate.”

If you would like to arrange a discussion with Western Union Business Solutions, please contact Amy Deakin at Amy.Deakin@westernunion.com, Luke Barrett at Luke.Barrett@westernunion.com or Jessica Notman at Jessica.Notman@westernunion.com