Who Are Yer? // Chris Kay


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Chris Kay, Sales Director at IWG shares the 5 people he would like to enjoy lockdown with, his favourite books and the restaurant he is most looking forward to returning too.

Name: Chris Kay

Company: IWG

Job Title: Sales Director

What does the business do: Provide Flexible workspace Solutions to businesses all over the world.

What are three words to describe yourself: Honest, Happy, Never Satisfied.

What do you love about working from home: Nothing I hate it!!

Favourite sports team: Liverpool.

Favourite Book: Anything by Dan Brown.

Favourite Podcast: None don’t listen to them.

Favourite Band/Artist: Ed Sheeran, Guns and Roses.

What advice would you give to 18-year-old you: Don’t Do it !!!… You’ll live to regret it !!

If you were allowed to have 5 people, living or dead, in lockdown with you, who would they be: Frank Sinatra, Jurgen Klopp, My Grandad, Plus my 2 kids… If it was 6 I’d add the wife.

What restaurant are you most looking forward to returning to: The Ivy.

Celebrity Crush: Jennifer Lawrence / Emily Blunt.

Your Business Heroes are: Steve Jobs, Richard Branson.

What superhero would you be: Kick As.

Why Downtown: Amazing team, great events and the best business networking relationship I have in my region.

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