Who Are Yer? // Ian Round


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Iain Round, Partner at Beever and Struthers reveals all in 'Who Are Yer?'

Name: Iain Round

Company: Beever and Struthers

Job Title: Partner

What does the business do: Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors.

What are three words to describe yourself: Chilled, Funny, Driven.

What do you love about working from home: No commuting.

Favourite sports team: Manchester United, Bury, Ramsbottom United.

Favourite Book: Anything by Val McDermid

Favourite Podcast: The Price of Football.

Favourite Band/Artist: The Chameleons.

Best business moment in your life: Being made a partner at B and S.

What advice would you give to 18-year-old you: Get off your phone and speak to people.

If you were allowed to have 5 people, living or dead, in lockdown with you, who would they be: Eric Cantona because he is a hero of mine and has led a very interesting life; Johnny Marr (Ex Smiths) and Mark Burgess (Chameleons) to provide the music; Peter Kay to help with the garlic bread; Paul Merton because I think he is very funny.

What restaurant are you most looking forward to returning to: The Hungry Duck.

Celebrity Crush: Rachel Riley.

Your Business Heroes are: Easy my two current bosses Caroline Monk and Maria Hallows!!!

What superhero would you be: Spiderman.

Why Downtown: It’s a great forum to meet other businesses in Lancashire.