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February 7, 2019

Downtown Construction Club takes on The London Plan

  • by chris

Downtown in Business London hosted the first Downtown Business Construction Club private dinner for 2019 at the Malmaison.

Guests were treated to an in-depth conversation by Kieron Hodgson of Iceni Group, talking about the difficulties and achievements they have experienced while working on the ‘London Plan’.

Labour is relying on TINA

Frank McKenna suggests that Jeremy Corbyn may live to regret taking pro EU-Labour supporters votes for granted in his latest Downtown blog.

Who Are Yer? // Adam Coffey

  • by chris

We sit down with Adam Coffey from Electrik Warehouse. We finds out where he eats, what he drinks and whihc football team he supports (kind of).

Valentine’s Day: No love or massacre

  • by chris

This week Jim forecasts that Valentine’s Day will come and go without Brexit love ins or massacres. Also he has been testing opinion on Brexit amongst Downtown business members in Lancashire.