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DIB Meets… Causeway Technologies

  • by chris

Downtown in Business Director, Chris McKenna, recently caught up with Mental Health Ambassador for Causeway Technologies, Trevor Steven.

Muppets and Morons

  • by chris

Jo Phillips questions the calibre of some of the political candidates who are seeking office.

Who Are Yer? | Victoria Brown

  • by chris

Who Are Yer, Victoria Brown

For our, ‘Who Are Yer’ video this week, we are joined by Founder of OneHR, Victoria Brown.

A week in America | 5 April 2024

  • by chris

This week Martin looks at the latest happenings in the US election campaign and how Trump is steadily gaining ground with key demographics and voter groups.

Weather or not…

  • by chris

As we gear up for crop shortages and food prices rises, Jo Phillips asks ‘What’s gone wrong with our relationship with food?’

Could the Tories really be wiped out?

  • by chris

The results of a ‘mega-poll’ were released this week. It diid not make happy reading for the Conservative Party. Could the Tories really be facing wipeout at the next General Election?