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October 26, 2023

I did it my way!

  • by chris

Rishi Sunak ‘celebrated’ his first anniversary as PM this week. As Frank McKenna reminds us, it has not been the easiest year for the man who was once seen as the ‘grown up centrist’ who could save the government.

Events dear boy

  • by chris

In his blog Jim reflects that there is still a way to go until the next General Election. Unpredictable events, like Gaza, can shake even the most succesful parties, as Labour is showing.

360 Sky Bar – Gino D’Acampo

  • by chris

This week’s Venue of the Week is 360 Sky Bar. Combining world-class cocktails with unrivalled views of the city’s skyline, the exclusive restaurant and bars deliver an unforgettable experience.

A week in America | 26 October 2023

  • by chris

This week, Martin continues to follow the chaos in Congress. While finding a new Speaker is a step forward, what comes next has many people worried…