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Passengers warned of penalty fare increased on West Midlands Railway services from Monday 23 January

Passengers travelling without a ticket on West Midlands Railway (WMR) services will face tougher penalties when new rules come into effect next week (w/c Jan 23).

From Monday, the Penalty Fare will increase to a minimum of £100 – reduced to £50 if paid within 21 days – plus the price of a full single fare applicable.

The change represents a significant increase to the existing Penalty Fare of £20 or twice the full single fare to the next station, whichever is greater.

The new charge will apply across the rail network and follows a national consultation by the Department for Transport.

Annamaria Izzard, head of revenue protection at WMR, said:

“Every year around £240million of revenue nationally is lost to the railway through fare evasion, taking money away from vital improvements to the network and ultimately costing the taxpayer.

“The vast majority of our passengers already do the right thing and buy their ticket before travelling but I hope these changes will encourage more people to think twice about ticketless travel.”

Passengers are being reminded they must buy a valid ticket before they board – tickets are available online, from station ticket offices or vending machines and via the West Midlands Railway app.

The national Penalty Fare scheme means passengers could have to pay a penalty fare if they:

Travel without a valid ticket

Can’t show an appropriate Railcard for a discounted ticket

Travel in First Class with a Standard Class ticket

Are travelling on a child ticket, but are 16 or over

Travel beyond the destination on their ticket

For more information on penalty fares, visit Penalty fares policy | West Midlands Railway

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