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RPS launches new podcast exploring how to deliver net zero carbon in the built environment

The 2050 target is getting closer, but clarity over exactly what organisations need to do to achieve net zero carbon remains hard to come by.

The 2050 target is getting closer, but clarity over exactly what organisations need to do to achieve net zero carbon remains hard to come by. Designed to help clients navigate complexity, global professional services firm RPS is delighted to be launching its first podcast – Building Sustainably: The Road to Net Zero.

With the aim of providing pragmatic advice through real-life case studies, the RPS podcast is now live on Spotify and Apple. Covering a wide range of topics, including how to fund, plan, design, and manage net zero programmes in the built environment, RPS will be bringing together public and private sector organisations to share knowledge, insight, and lessons learned.

With it being estimated that 80% of the building stock in 2050 has already been built, the first series will start here, exploring the decarbonisation challenge faced by owners and operators of large property estates.

Hosted by RPS’ Director of Programme Management, Chris Lavery, series one of Building Sustainably: The Road to Net Zero will cover when to retrofit, when to build new, as well as how to prioritise investment, identify the right solutions, calculate cost and energy savings, and everything else along the way.

In the first four episodes Chris is joined by:

  • Sean Hanson, CEO at IMPOWER Consulting to explore how behavioural change can be the key to gaining the momentum within public sector organisations
  • Jonas Loholm Hamann, Head of Business Development at Danfoss to discuss the importance of diversifying energy sources, and how heat networks can achieve this
  • Jon Daley, Asset Sustainability and Data Manager at Magenta Living/National Climate Lead at Housing Quality Network on balancing material sustainability concerns with resident or occupant satisfaction
  • Phil Marsden, Director of Project Management at Muse Developments, on how the supply chain can work together to reduce carbon, and building with less to create more efficient buildings

Chris Lavery comments: “The goal is clear, but when it comes to a plan for how to achieve net zero carbon, we believe a lot of uncertainty remains.

“Through Building Sustainably: The Road to Net Zero, we hope to equip our listeners with a clearer understanding of how specific challenges can be tackled, how targets can be reached, and the steps that need to be put in place to get there. Each episode holds its own value, and we hope listeners enjoy tuning in.”

You can find Building Sustainably: The Road to Net Zero on Apple and Spotify. To find out more information about RPS and its new podcast, click here.

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