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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Downtown Director, Chris McKenna on why a globally co-ordinated vaccine strategy is needed to help everyone return to pre-pandemic days.


Words: Chris Mckenna
Director, Downtown in Business

Over the past month or so I have seen a huge shift in attitudes of private sector leaders across the country as we all see life beyond the pandemic.

Collaboration is something people are highlighting as an integral part of the economy bouncing back and this is positive to hear and something Downtown in Business and our partners have always championed.

It is, however, disappointing to see so far into the pandemic that global leaders do not seem to be getting the message. It was inevitable in the early stages of the pandemic countries would react differently and there has been plenty of debate as to who has performed better. After twelve months though, and with this week’s news that the EU will review where they export the vaccine shows a real lack of a global strategy.

I, like everyone, cannot wait to be able to go and see friends at the pub, attend live events at work and take my kids swimming. But I also want to be able to travel to wherever I choose. With many borders still closed it is crucial world leaders start working more collaboratively in getting the world re-open.

Our airports have been decimated over the past year and if we are wanting to see an economic return to pre-pandemic days, it is crucial regional and national airports are at the heart of that.

The sooner we create a globally co-ordinated vaccine strategy, the better.

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