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Are you taking massive action?

By Victoria Brown

By Victoria Brown

Ladyboss HR discusses why she's not afraid to give up the good to go for the great.

Who has read the 10X rule by Grant Cardone? I re-read this recently and it just gave me that little energy boost in business that we all need from time to time. The 10X rule is a philosophy towards achieving your goals in life. I love the way Grant Cardone states that success is your duty and obligation. I am a great believer that what separates the great from the average is mindset.

The idea that you need to take massive action (in comparison to what you are doing now) is a good one.  In this example, you need to put ten times more effort into what you are doing.  The more action you take the closer you will be to your success. This really resonated with me, and I have been the victim of my own self-limiting views on how successful I can be in the past. There are definitely no short cuts to success, and it does amuse me when I meet ‘Directors’ that have just set up a business because they think they are going to be multimillionaires in 6 months.  My business celebrates its 15-year anniversary next month…. I wouldn’t change it for the world, but success takes time, sacrifice and effort.

The idea of viewing success as your duty is life changing and an important lesson, I have learned in life both in business and personal. I have two young children to care for, I have to be successful for my legacy and to survive through difficult economic times. For me, I have found the following ingredients to help with my success;

  • Set and reach goals that I previously thought were impossible
  • Guarantee achievement of my goals by setting and measuring correctly
  • Taking responsibility for everything that I do and being held accountable
  • Taking massive action
  • Accepting there is no shortcut to success

John D Rockefeller once said, “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great”. I have certainly fallen into the trap of saying ‘yes’ in my 15 years of business too many times. HPC and oneHR have some huge goals for 2022…… we are taking massive action. However, I was challenged on my original business plan for the next 12 months by key stakeholders for having too many objectives. Upon reflection, I agreed and pushed back some of the strands to the plan to 2023. We will one hundred percent achieve more next year, by turning some of the ‘good work’ away next year and focusing on the great. 

My team and I will certainly be making 2022 a 10X year – I hope you do too 😊

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