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Porsche Centre Preston Reveals First High Voltage Expert Technician

This achievement is a milestone development in the Centre's capability to service electric and hybrid vehicles.

Porsche Centre Preston has announced the qualification of its first High Voltage Expert (HVE) technician, Ashley Coverdale. This achievement is a milestone development in the Centre’s capability to service electric and hybrid vehicles.

Ashley completed the three-week HEVE accreditation at Porsche Cars Great Britain Training Centre in Reading, Berkshire. He is one of fewer than 50 technicians in the country to complete the tests, theory, and practicals required to achieve the certification. As a High Voltage Expert, he can handle high-voltage systems in Porsche’s electric and hybrid models, including Taycan, Panamera, and Cayenne.

In addition, Ashley can also diagnose and repair advanced systems crucial for servicing Porsche’s growing electric vehicle (EV) fleet. This includes fault finding on live high-voltage components, repairing high-voltage batteries, and replacing battery modules.  

Porsche Centre Preston technician Ashley Coverdale said: “The moment I heard about the new HVE Accreditation, I knew it was a course I wanted to take. It was a challenge, of course. But I’m proud to be one of the first HVE-qualified technicians in the North of England. And I’m grateful to Porsche Centre Preston for giving me the opportunity to take and pass the course.

“Automotive retail is changing rapidly to electric and hybrid vehicles. Porsche Centre Preston is at the forefront of this technological shift. I’m proud to be part of the change and excited to see what the future holds.”

Ashley’s qualification comes as Porsche progresses towards electrifying half of its new car sales by 2025. Porsche is also targeting more than 80% of its new vehicles to be all-electric by 2030. It also aligns with Porsche’s ‘Road-to-X Initiative’, preparing its dealership network to shift to EVs. This initiative focuses on increasing service loyalty and boosting workshop productivity, with HVE qualification as a crucial component.

Jon Challis, Porsche Centre Preston aftersales manager, said: “Ashley has worked extremely hard to achieve his HVE certificates. He knows that his knowledge will place Porsche Centre Preston in a great position to provide top-tier service for our owners. His expertise is not just beneficial for our Centre; it’s essential for meeting the evolving needs of Porsche owners and the industry at large.”

His HVE Accreditation is the latest in Ash’s learning journey. In June 2022, Ashley achieved ZPT Silver Status as a Certified Porsche Technician. He also learned to fit Porsche Performance Kits at the Nurburgring in Germany with Manthey Racing. His next goal is achieving ZPT Gold Status, Porsche’s highest level of accreditation.

Porsche Centre Preston’s commitment to technician training reflects the automotive industry’s ongoing transition to electrification. The HVE qualification is integral to servicing Porsche’s electric and hybrid vehicles, ensuring high expertise in handling advanced electric vehicle technologies. It highlights the Centre’s readiness to meet the specific servicing needs of Porsche’s electric and hybrid vehicle lineup.

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