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Mann Island move for Halcyon

Halcyon has relocated their Liverpool office to the city centre at the prestigious Mann Island complex.

It has been another hectic 12 months for Halcyon with expansion into new territories, new clients and large scale projects delivered.

They continue to strive forward with major investment into new systems with the latest technology ensuring they are able to offer the most pro-active and best support to partners and keep their businesses protected, running and compliant. This has allowed extra capacity for the Halcyon Engineering team, including more take up of their bespoke Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.

Data and Insight has also been a major factor for the new investment allowing for the extension of devices well beyond their usual lifespan and being able to proactively replace equipment to ensure continuity for the businesses they support.

Ultimately the end of the past 12 months has culminated with the decision to relocate their Liverpool office in the City Centre at the prestigious Mann Island complex. With many partners in the City Centre and indeed in the same building!

It has been in the long term planning of the Senior Management Team looking out for the space Halcyon felt suited their needs and reflected the vibrant nature of the team. Many sites and buildings have been visited over the past 12 months, but the Halcyon team are delighted with their choice.

If you would like to visit Halcyon, meet some of the team and take advantage of their Free IT Audit with recommendations included – contact or call 0333 344 5789.

Downtown in Business

Take on the Arctic Survival Challenge for Nugent!

Nugent are offering the opportunity to join them for an Arctic Challenge in the heart of Sweden’s breath-taking wilderness from the 2nd to the 9th of March 2025.

During this unforgettable experience you’ll spend eight days in the pristine wilderness in Sweden. This once in a lifetime challenge will combine your ability to adapt to and live in the heart of this environment, as well as allowing you to experience tranquillity, and relaxation under the stars of the Arctic; all while raising money for the most vulnerable individuals and families across Merseyside.

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