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Opal Case Study from Red Rock Communications

Red Rock Communications highlight their services with a case study with client OPAL.


OPAL is a charity based in Oldham that provides independent advocacy services, day services and activities for people who have learning disabilities and autistic people.

Their vision is – “a world where people with a learning disability and autistic people have the same life chances as everybody else. The values of voice, choice, and equality for people with a learning disability and autistic people are at the heart of everything we do.”

OPAL has operated for 40 years and continues to grow its services. Partnerships with Action Together, Oldham Council and many other voluntary organisations mean their services are far-reaching and effective.


Chief Executive Michelle Anderson has been in post for two years and has worked within OPAL for eleven years.

Michelle recognised the need for the telecommunications to be upgraded. There were some ongoing issues with the system and the efficiency of the customer service, and internet connectivity proved to be problematic, sometimes due to faults within the council building where the OPAL service is based. Having issues resolved by a technician promptly proved difficult and, in turn, had a negative impact on the charity. It was after a particularly inconvenient episode that a new provider was sought.


Gary, who is based at Positive Steps, recommended Red Rock Communications, and provides IT support for OPAL. Gary said he thought Red Rock would meet OPAL’s needs and had a good reputation, especially with its customer service.

As the present contract was ending, Michelle contacted Red Rock.


The “switchover process was smooth and efficient,” Michelle said and thanked the Red Rock team for their constant support.

The Red Rock team installed the new phone system and individually trained each staff member with minimum fuss.

Michelle had initially been anxious about the change, apprehensive that it would cause a pause in OPAL’s services. Conversations with Sarah Chapman reassured Michelle that the transition would be smooth, seamless, and accessible.

The OPAL staff team are pleased with the change to Red Rock, and they have five functioning phones and an increased internet connection.

Benefits & Results

The benefits of switching providers to Red Rock have been multiple; the system has been upgraded, providing a more efficient service and increased connectivity. Support from the efficient customer services team has meant that upgrades and issues are addressed in real-time, giving OPAL confidence that the service will not be paused because of communication issues.

The presence of the Red Rock team within OPAL has helped them understand how OPAL operates and how people benefit from the service.

The benefits have resulted in

  • No overdue issues
  • Efficiently run operations
  • New industry standard features at no extra cost
  • Regular product tutorials as requested
  • 24/7 support team access
  • Improved productivity
  • A healthy work-life balance
  • Directory set up

OPAL gave positive feedback regarding the smooth transition to Red Rock Communications and said they would benefit from the partnership with internal communications and from the regular newsletters and podcasts.

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