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HM3 Legal adds their voice to Business Declares

Embracing the truism that “the only constant is change”, HM3 Legal has begun building a business led by purpose.

Embracing the truism that “the only constant is change” credited to Greek philosopher Heraclitus, HM3 Legal has begun building a business led by purpose. Part of this positive progress is becoming a member of Business Declares, the group comprising a growing number of business leaders calling for positive action.

Richard Burnett, Commercial Director, comments:

“HM3 Legal is proud to join Business Declares led by Ben Tolhurst, a fast-growing network of companies committed to taking action on the climate and ecological emergency. We’re adopting B Corp principles and are committed to reaching Net Zero by 2030. We’re also reducing our negative impact, while supporting communities and initiatives to increase biodiversity.

“News is constantly reminding us about the effects of climate change. And the science backs up the effects happening in front of our eyes; and we wanted to do something about it.”

Going beyond profit

HM3 Legal realises business leaders have a significant role to play in bringing about positive change. Their team is committed to changing lives for the better for clients, colleagues and communities. Improvements so far include switching to more sustainable office materials, installing water-saving devices in the Chester office, and reducing e-waste by refurbishing or recycling old equipment.

Justine Watkinson, Engagement Director, adds:

“To us acting as a force for good is a no-brainer. We realise we have a way to go and are up for the challenge. Joining the growing number of SME businesses taking action facilitates meeting and learning from others also on this complex journey to build a brighter future. While these changes may seem small, they are positive steps forward.

“Significant progress on a large scale is needed quickly to reduce the negative impacts of today’s business operations (including assessing the impact of suppliers such as ourselves).”

Legal changes on the horizon

Lawyers at HM3 Legal are already helping other businesses create bespoke legal Articles of Association to consider all stakeholders including people and the planet, not just shareholders.

And given approaching changes to legislation, including the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) progressive businesses are already adapting to protect their future. This includes embracing the “triple bottom line”: People, planet and profit, rather than just focussing on profit alone, at any cost.

Would you like to find out more about updating your Articles of Association? Have an informal conversation with Richard about your options:


T: 07983 637149

Find out more about Business Declares here.

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