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Family-run Liverpool law firm Glenville Walker projects 38% increase in annual revenues

Family-run Liverpool law firm Glenville Walker is on course for revenue growth of 38% after taking on new board members and launching a litigation and dispute resolution department.

Glenville Walker, a family-run law firm based in Liverpool, anticipates a substantial 38% boost in annual revenues following the implementation of a fresh strategy and the introduction of a new department.

Under the leadership of managing partner Denise Walker and her daughter, director and chief executive Hazel Walker, the firm has made significant strides since its establishment in 2017. Specializing in corporate law, litigation, dispute resolution, and property matters, Glenville Walker caters to a diverse range of SME clients across the UK.

Initially focused on client acquisition and talent acquisition, the firm’s management recognized the need for a more robust approach to sustain growth amidst escalating demand. Seeking to fortify their succession plan and refine their business strategy, Hazel undertook a comprehensive 12-week Help to Grow: Management Course facilitated by the University of Liverpool’s Management School.

Equipped with newfound skills in succession planning, strategic communication, and team management, Hazel spearheaded the appointment of two additional board members and spearheaded the establishment of a litigation and dispute resolution division. This expansion not only diversifies the firm’s service offerings but also augments its revenue potential, positioning it as a comprehensive provider of specialized business counsel.

With these strategic enhancements, Glenville Walker anticipates a significant uptick in its financial performance, paving the way for sustained growth and continued success in the competitive legal landscape.

Denise Walker

Hazel said: “Denise worked at one of the region’s most prominent law firms for 27 years, so growing up, I was familiar with the legal sector and we thought it would be great to combine her legal expertise and my business acumen.

“We wanted to break the mould of traditional legal practice. That is why we designed the firm to act as an extension of our clients’ in-house teams. While growth has always been on the agenda, we wish to stay in the SME market to allow us to remain in-tune with our loyal clients.

“Our main objective is to continue to add to our specialist services for the benefit of our clients’ experience and to target new markets.”

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