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An Exclusive Lunch with Naomi Smith, CEO of Best For Britain

Downtown in Business hosted a private round table lunch event at Fazenda Manchester, featuring Naomi Smith, CEO of Best For Britain.

On Thursday, April 25th, Downtown in Business Manchester hosted a private round table lunch event at Fazenda Manchester, featuring Naomi Smith, CEO of Best For Britain.

From 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm, an elite guest list of professionals from various sectors in the Manchester City region and beyond gathered to engage in insightful discussions on the continuing impact of Brexit and the current economic climate on businesses.

Naomi Smith, with her extensive experience as CEO of Best For Britain since 2019, brought a wealth of knowledge to the table. Having previously served as their Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of Campaigns at London First, Naomi’s expertise spans from finance and accounting to advocacy and campaigning.

Throughout her career, Naomi has demonstrated a passion for campaigning and social change, chairing several charity groups and leading successful campaigns at Best For Britain. With a deep understanding of the social and economic impacts of Brexit, Naomi provided attendees with valuable insights into the challenges facing the Manchester region and beyond in the current economic climate.

Best For Britain, a cross-party campaign group, has been instrumental in advocating for an inclusive, confident, and united Britain post-Brexit. Their transition from campaigning to encourage greater internationalism reflects their commitment to shaping the UK’s relationship with the EU and the rest of the world.

During the lunch, Naomi outlined her thoughts on the forthcoming General Election, sharing intriguing polling data gathered by her organization. Attendees gained valuable insights into the evolving landscape of British politics and the potential implications for businesses and individuals alike.

Naomi explained how Best For Britain began and how after her work with London First which campaigned for remain in the referendum, having mobalised millions of voters she and orhers didn’t want to abandon them after the referendum.

She discussed how Best For Britain have become the best at understanding who people are and where they are at when it comes to issues. They ran the largest post-Brexit consultation of buiness and through this were able to auggest alternative solutions to rejoining the customs unioon and the single market which would not gain traction with the current government. They have also begun to test solutions with voters to establish their popularity and only when a particualr idea has gained enough traction would they put it to decision makers.

Naomi also delved into the idea of introducing an independent body for trade which would allow parliament to vote on issues using an impact assessment.

Finally she explained the ins and outs of MRP smapling and how new polls for Best for Britain have revealed the varying attitudes towards politics and voting depending on socio-economic group and the rise of marginal constituences making the oucome of the next election fascinating and difficult to try and predict.

Naomi said of the event: “It was such a pleasure to meet inspirational Business Leaders in a vibrant city discussing our hope for the future and innovative thinking to improve the economy”

The event certainly provided a unique opportunity for attendees to engage in these current and important discussions with a leading figure in the realm of Brexit and economic policy. Networking with fellow professionals from diverse sectors further enriched the experience, fostering connections and collaborations that may shape the future of the Manchester City region and beyond.

Downtown’s Chief Executive Frank McKenna said: “We’re incredibly grateful to Naomi for joining us today to discuss the economic future of the region post-Brexit and share her thoughts on important upcoming events in the political calendar like the election.”

“We hope that her empowering insights left attendees inspired and equipped with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead in this post-Brexit era.”

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