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Project Four are supporting the Stop. Make A Change Campaign

The Make a Change campaign will be a focus on the individual worker and particularly those who have been affected by Covid-19.

Workers will be encouraged to re-engage with their own health, safety and wellbeing and to ask themselves what needs to be changed, along with how they might go about making that change.

A series of ‘Conversation Starter’ kits will be used by all the workforce to discuss key concerns about what their job function requires of them, and how both the individual and their organisation can do to help address these concerns.

The event, which has been scheduled to align with World Mental Health Day and European Week for Safety and Health.

Our industry workforce is crucial to all of our future successes. We recognise the heroic efforts these workers have undertaken during the pandemic, and want to make sure that as the industry hopefully emerges from COVID- 19, we continue to look after everyone’s health, safety and wellbeing” – CLC co-chair Andy Mitchell

11th October 2021
World Mental Health Day
CALM: 0800 58 58 58

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