Boris Johnson

The ‘peace dividend’ ends just at the wrong time

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With the Governor of the Bank of England predicting a recession, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine smashing the ‘peace dividend’ and the prime minister indulging in economic Cake-ism, does the government have a plan to grow the economy? Frank McKenna suggests tax -cutting may be the way to go.

There’s nobody else to lead!

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The lack of an obvious successor is a poor reason for the Prime Minister to hang on, argues Jim in his latest blog. He suggests it is all a part of a lowering of standards in public and private life.

Has politics become a sport?

Frank McKenna thinks that politics has become a sport? Kurt Zouma was condemned by most people for brutalising his cat – but his club and its fans got behind him. Boris Johnson is being battered in the polls for his recent behaviour by voters – but Tory party activists still back him? So, has ‘tribalism’ replaced common-sense when it comes to political discussion and debate?

Laying down friends for his life

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Jim looks forward to how the Prime Minister will handle the Gray Report and probably survive. He also asks if Bury South Labour Party will be free to decide if defector Christian Wakeford represents them at the next election

A master of all he surveys

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Keir Starmer’s relative success at his Labour conference this week is good news for Boris Johnson. Frank McKenna explains why.


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Frank McKenna explains why the government’s latest ‘local lockdown’ approach to tackling the Covid-crisis is the worst of all worlds, in his latest Downtown blog.

Manchester businesses back local politicians over Lockdown

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A poll of Greater Manchester firms, immediately following the Government’s decision to put the region in a Tier 3 Lockdown, has come out overwhelmingly supporting local politicians. Almost 88% said they trusted the Manchester City Council leader, whilst just 12% said the Prime Minister.

Labour Danger

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This week Frank McKenna reflects on Keir Starmer’s impressive start to life as Labour leader – but warns that he and the party have a long way to go before winning back the support they need to form a government.

Can Boris bounce back?

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In his latest blog, Frank McKenna warns Boris Johnson that he must find a new way of operating if he is to maintain his position in 10 Downing Street.