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Going, going… but not yet gone

By Frank McKenna

By Frank McKenna

This week, Frank McKenna blogs about Boris Johnson’s non-resignation resignation!

It is insane that Boris Johnson is planning to continue as Prime Minister until the Autumn.

At a time when he has lost the support of well over half of the Conservative parliamentary party, and with the lying occupant of10 Downing Street admitting on Wednesday afternoon that he held private meetings, without officials, with an ex-KGB agent, it is beyond incredible that the Tory Party are allowing the charlatan to stay a single minute more as the leader of our country.

As his ex- confidante turned nemesis Dominic Cummings tweeted on Thursday

“I know this guy & I’m telling you – he doesn’t think it’s over, he’s thinking ‘there’s a war, weird shit happens in a war, play for time, I can still get out of this. I got a mandate, members love me, get to September…’ If MPs leave him in situ there’ll be CARNAGE”

I absolutely agree with Cummings. Indeed, I tweeted something prior to this along very similar lines.

The Conservative Party must stop its self-indulgence, and for the first time in a while, put country before party. If it doesn’t then the Tory brand will become even more toxic than it is right now – and they will lose the next election even if Labour brings Ed Miliband back as leader.

More importantly though, the quicker we have a government in place that has a plan to tackle the cost-of-living crisis, gets the economy moving again, and can begin to restore our international reputation, the better.

Boris must go. And he must go now.

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