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The triple lock is a drag on the economy

  • by chris

The ‘Triple Lock’ is economic folly according to DIB boss Frank McKenna. In his latest blog, he explains why – and warns that the retirement age could be heading into a whole new stratosphere.

Optimism prevails in the commercial property sector

  • by chris

It has been a rough couple of years for both the UK economy as a whole and the commercial property sector in general, with volatile interest rates and inflation affecting both property prices and rental yields throughout the sector.

Dude, It’s all about the money

  • by chris

In the next week, America’s businesses are set to report how Q1 2023 has mapped out, and what it will tell us for all of our economic fortunes… Martin looks at the trends and what he is hearing from businesses in the US.

End the “Hunger Games”

  • by chris

A major Downtown conference last week was told there was a need for a major reform of the way the government is funding levelling up. Jim was in Birmingham and summaries the event. He also asks just how will did Labour actually do in recent North West by elections?

A week in America | 9 June 2022

  • by chris

As President Biden, nears the midway point of his term in office, Martin Liptrot discusses the Predidents performance so far.