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The Downtown Den Politics Podcast | 5th February 2024

Here's the latest politics podcast from Frank and Jim. Topics covered include Liz Truss' political comeback, Labour's business charm offensive a DIB parliamentary reception review and more.

The woman who took less than 50 days to crash the British economy, sent interest rates spiralling, and lasted less time in office than a lettuce is launching her political comeback this week. Liz Truss’ new Popular Conservative movement- or PopCon – is the latest right wing grouping readying itself for the post election battle for the soul of the Tory Party- and among her guests at the launch event is one Nigel Farage. What does this mean for Rishi Sunak, one nation Tories, and the Conservatives? Meanwhile the Labour Party continued with its charm offensive of the business community last week, with a gathering of leaders from the world of commerce in central London. What are the odds on Keir Starmer and Rachel Reeves convincing industry that it is they who can finally get the UK economy moving?  Some challenges on the foreign policy front for Labour though, not least in the Middle East. Has Starmer been outflanked on the Palestinian question by Lord ‘call me Dave’ Cameron? We’ll also be taking a look back at Downtowns parliamentary reception and as DIB gets ready to welcome not one, but two, regional mayors to our annual property conference this week, we’ll take a glance at the mayoral contests that take place in May- and, we take a quick saunter over to Rochdale where a couple of well-known personalities to the Downtown network are vying to win the forthcoming by-election in the Greater Manchester town.

Listen to Frank McKenna in conversation with Simon Danczuk in the first ever Downtown Den podcast.

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