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Liz Truss

Return of the Truss

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Liz Truss is no Margaret Thatcher. In his latest blog, Frank McKenna explains why.

The Tory party is ungovernable

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In his latest blog, Frank McKenna explains why it would be good for the Tory Party if they lost the next General Election.

Is the Tory party ungovernable?

Truss has gone, but who will take over? And does it matter? Sunak is hated by Boris’ crowd. Hunt is hated by the ERG. Braverman is hated by the electorate. Mordaunt – Meh. Frank McKenna suggests that the Conservative Party has become ungovernable.

Will Truss survive?

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Less than a month into her new job, and Liz Truss is already facing questions over her future. Why is she in such a mess already – and can she survive? Frank McKenna’s latest blog.

We do not Truss you

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Jim reflects on the spectacular economic implosion of the new Truss government and reports on the level of interest from business in the Labour Party that he noted at their Liverpool conference.

Starmer on course to win for Labour?

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Frank McKenna looks ahead to the Labour Party conference that takes place in Liverpool next week – and suggests that Keir Starmer has a long way to go if he is to become PM, despite the seismic challenges the country and the government is facing.

Giant Growth Gamble

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As the government moves at last to protect business from the worst of the energy crisis, Jim looks at the more controversial aspects of Liz Truss’ economic measures. As Labour meets in Liverpool he also asks what do they do now?

It’s diverse, but will it work?

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Jim presents his comprehensive view on the new government appointments. He believes Liz Truss must be given a chance, but worries that levelling up the North is going to be overwhelmed by the energy crisis.

Business needs government action now

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As we approach the final months of 2022, many businesses are in crisis. Frank McKenna suggests a package of measures that the new Prime Minister may consider to get them- and her- through the winter when she takes office next week.

In Liz They Truss

Labour should not be complacent about Liz Truss. Frank McKenna warns Keir Starmer that the new Tory leader will be no pushover…

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