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Bankruptcy and vision, hand in hand

  • by chris

Despite a crisis looming over Town Hall finances, Jim reports on major plans for the future launched this week by local authorities across the North West.

Caution or vision in the King’s speech?

  • by chris

Jim looks forward to the King’s Speech and asks if it will prove a launch pad for a Sunak recovery,or a fag end set of bills that shows the Tories time is up.

Is Britain broken?

  • by chris

How could a new government start to turn the UKs fortunes around? Frank McKenna offers some ideas.

No bail outs, just build houses!

  • by chris

Building thousands of council houses without the right to buy is the only way to solve the mounting housing crisis. Jim suggests it might actually be popular with Tory voters.

Where the F**K do we start?

After another calamitous week for Rishi Sunak and his government, Frank McKenna spent some time with Labours great and good this week – and found a party that is confident, but not complacent.

Substance or those Titanic deck chairs?

  • by chris

Jim asks if this week’s government reshuffle is good for business or just amounts to moving those Titanic deck chairs. He also thinks there’s a once in a blue moon chance of City being expelled from the Premiership in the near future.

Debt Ceiling

  • by chris

Crisis? What Crisis? This week, Martin looks at the politically engineered Debt Ceiling Crisis and wonders, What happens next?

Planning Woes

  • by chris

With UK ministers and civil servants being lobbied hard about changes to planning laws, Martin Liptrot wonders if perhaps its time to look at how local decision-making is better informed too.

Time to end costly ‘Beauty Contests’

  • by chris

The latest tranche of ‘Levelling Up’ grants were announced this week. Whether your area was a winner or a loser the bidding process is fatally flawed and should be scrapped according to DIB boss Frank McKenna.