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General Election Reactions:

After last night's landslide Labour victory, Jo Henney, CEO of Nugent, Sean Keyes, CEO of Sutcliffe; Simon Harris, CEO of Avrenim; Jen Fenner co-founder of DefProc Engineering and Sophie Gilmore, Managing Director of HybridTec - give their reactions to the outcome of the 2024 general election.

Jen Fenner, co-founder and managing director, DefProc Engineering:

“Labour’s win is a positive step for the country but we want to start seeing the careful implementation of the Party’s policies sooner rather than later. Although the promise of Great British Energy as a publicly owned, clean power company is exciting, I don’t want a large-scale project like this to slow down the ongoing work to meet the 2030 and 2050 carbon-neutral targets. Any support for research and development and emerging technologies is welcomed and will enhance the country’s position as a leader in innovation, create jobs and boost the overall economy. It is now in Labour’s hands to deliver the change promised and I look forward to seeing the results.”

Jo Henney, CEO, Nugent:

“It’s time for the new government to deliver on its promises with robust plans that have the potential to support our sector and our country now and long into the future. I’m encouraged by pledges such as the Young Futures programme – early years intervention through increased youth workers, mental health support workers, career advisers and youth hubs, to create a sense of place, community, opportunity, and support for future generations. Their promise to work with local government to support children in care through kinship, foster care and adoption is also incredibly important to the work we do at Nugent. In the short-term, Labour must implement an immediate, confident plan to address the inherited state of the sector and ensure a sustainable future for the most vulnerable members of our society.”

Sean Keyes, CEO, Sutcliffe: 

“When the Labour Party published its manifesto I was pleased to see it was very pro-business, so to see a Labour government come to power is promising. By delivering a stable economy, we can now focus on what we do best: building more homes to meet demand, something the new Prime Minister promised throughout his campaign. Sir Keir Starmer’s first 100 days in power will be crucial for holding him to account on his promise of surpassing the current house-building levels, something I am eager to support. This period also provides an essential opportunity to assess his plans for constructing more hospitals and refurbishing existing ones, ensuring they are fit for purpose and serve our future generations. Nevertheless, I am eager to see how the industry will embrace the new opportunities presented by the new Labour government, especially when it comes to overhauling planning regulation or its strategic approach to building on the green belt.”     

Simon Harris, CEO, Avrenim: 

“The new government must seize the moment to collaborate with the facilities management sector to achieve its broader objectives, particularly in reaching net zero, decarbonising large estates, and enhancing building safety through adopting future technology and AI. Immediate actionable steps within the next 100 days are crucial to address these issues and build confidence among the business community. In doing so, I hope to see Sir Keir Starmer and his government not only prioritise the construction of new large estates but also ensure the vital upkeep of older ones. Nevertheless, with change comes new opportunities, and I now hope that this election-winning strategy will be effectively implemented.”

Sophie Gilmore, Managing Director, HybridTec: 

“The new Prime Minister has promised to break down the barriers to opportunity by expanding high-quality education, employment and training routes so more people than ever are on a pathway with good prospects by 2035. I will hold the new government accountable on this matter because it is crucial that apprentices, particularly those who will spearhead the green energy sector, are prioritised over the next parliament. I am interested to see how these plans will be implemented because, at HybridTec, we are poised to meet the growing need for more apprentices to bridge the skills gap, though it’s imperative now that Sir Keir Starmer delivers on his promises.”

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