September 17, 2020

Downtown Den #110 // Tim Heatley in the Downtown Den

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In conversation with DIB boss Frank McKenna, Capital & Centric boss, Tim Heatley discusses the BBC series, Manctopia, his business journey, the future of the property and construction sector and how he feels the Covid-19 crisis will impact on towns and cities.

Time to change our approach to COVID

As our major cities face the prospect of lockdown, Frank McKenna calls on the government and senior politicians to adopt a more practical approach to the Covid-19 crisis.


As the virus testing crisis engulfs Boris Johnson, Jim focuses on a timely critique of the government’s performance. It comes from the colourful John Ashton, a former Director of Public Health in the North West.

Helping Hand for Rosemere

A much needed ‘helping hand’ in the form of a £1,000 donation has come charity Rosemere Cancer Foundation’s way via staff of Leyland Trucks with support from their families and friends.

Who Are Yer? // Rob Day

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The Chairman and Founder of Blueprint Interiors, Rob Day shares his favourite sports teams, business heroes and best business advice in this ‘Who Are Yer?’