March 11, 2021

FX Risks in Recovery Webinar – Thur 18th March

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There is growing optimism that the beginning of the end of the pandemic is near. The newest predictions expect a more rapid recovery of the global economy, with most countries having avoided a ‘double-dip’ recession.

Insight Report – The Future of World Trade

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Trade in goods and services accounts for nearly 60 percent of the world’s economic output, and the global average tariff has been cut in half since the 1990s to less than seven percent.

Who Are Yer? // Kris Shepherd

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In this ‘Who Are Yer’ Kris Shepherd revelas all. Kris is Area Sales Manager covering everywhere north of London.

A Year in Lockdown with Downtown

In this weeks Staff Blog, we hear from Downtown’s own Marketing Coordinator, Sophie Rooney, looking back at spending her first year at Downtown in lockdown.

Frost plays with fire

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In his blog this week, Jim invites you to look beyond the troubles of the royal family to the growing problems around our trade with Europe. He also asks if we could have an independent elected mayor in Liverpool.

Oh Manchester…!

In this weeks Guest Blog, Alan Robson, Managing Director of Project Four announces their expansion into Manchester.

Fade to Grey

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Piers Morgan’s departure from GMB was welcomed by many of us. But, in truth, is it further evidence of the erosion of mature debate in our ever -more polarised country?