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April 6, 2023

The UK is heading for a hung parliament

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Despite all the trials and tribulations suffered by the Conservative Party, and the country, since the 2019 election, Frank McKenna still thinks a hung parliament is the most likely outcome following the next national poll, expected in 2024.

Dude, It’s all about the money

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In the next week, America’s businesses are set to report how Q1 2023 has mapped out, and what it will tell us for all of our economic fortunes… Martin looks at the trends and what he is hearing from businesses in the US.

Photograph of Dan Whitehead

Who Are Yer? – Dan Whitehead

In this week’s ‘Who Are Yer?’ we get to know Senior Business Development Manager at Emirates Old Trafford, Home of Lancashire Cricket Club and venue for the upcoming DIB Business of Sport Conference 2023, Dan Whitehead.

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