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Downtown is Twenty – Marian Cotter

Photograph of Marian Cotter

As Downtown celebrates its twentieth year in business in 2023, we have asked people from across the DIB network, old and new, to offer their thoughts, reflections, and memories of the ‘business club with attitude’.

Marian Cotter, Sales Manager at Staycity, reflects on twenty years of DIB.

When I returned to Liverpool from Ireland, 16 years ago, I had to grow my network all over again.

When I got introduced to Downtown in Business, I knew it was the right network for me.

Personally, over the last 16 years, I have attended multiple awards evenings, round table discussions, lunches, dinners and networking events, which as helped me to achieve a network you could only dream of. On top of this, I have had the honour of winning networker of the year (if you told me that 20 years ago, I would have laughed, networking used to terrify me)  as well as hospitality person of the year, this means so much, as I’ve been in the industry 30 years, an achievement that would not have been possible, without Downtown, and I will be eternally grateful for all the opportunities this organisation has afforded me.

Professionally, the introductions made to companies, that have enriched our company, has been amazing. We still hold these relationships to this day, and they have helped us to grow over the years.

Downtown, keep doing what you’re doing, facilitating all these wonderful events, with such profressionalism, and always with a sense of fun, I look forward to the next 20 years and the new contacts and friends to be made.

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