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July 20, 2023

Are MPs becoming an endangered species?

  • by chris

The number of MPs standing down at the next election is growing. The number lining up to replace them is in decline. Why is politics no longer seen as the attractive career choice it once was?

DIB hosts Mandela event in Liverpool

  • by chris

Downtown in Business, in association with the Liverpool BID Company, welcomed the daughter and granddaughter of Nelson Mandela to a special event at Hope Street Hotel earlier this week.

Space, Line & Colour 14-23

  • by chris

View the exhibition SPACE, LINE & COLOUR 14-23 by John Petch at INNSide by Melia Liverpool throughout the summer.

A Week in America – 21 July 2023

As major global meetings and Foreign Direct Investment conferences start to appear on bankers, pension funds and investment professionals calendars, how can the UK’s piecemeal approach compete with America’s joined up national strategy…

M Restaurant Threadneedle Street

This week’s Venue of the Week is M Restaurant Threadneedle Street, a multi award-winning restaurant and bar providing an elevated dining experience in central London.