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Through the looking glass

By Frank McKenna

By Frank McKenna

According to polls, 40% plus of us don’t think Boris Johnson should resign over Party-gate. Frank McKenna offers his forthright thoughts on that in his Easter blog.

It’s Easter, it’s been a hard couple of years, and so I don’t want to go into the holidays on a downer. You can hear the but coming, right…

You can have an opinion that Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak’s misdemeanours and lockdown law breaking is, in the big scheme of things, small fry. I get that, although equally I understand why people who kept to the rules, saw loved ones pass away in isolation, or didn’t celebrate significant birthday’s anniversaries or couldn’t invite their nearest and dearest to funerals, are livid about the actions of the prime minister and the chancellor.

But ultimately, what I don’t get, what I will never understand, is how north of 40% of British people (according to the polls) now think a prime minister can stay in office having consistently lied to parliament.

If you are one of those 40 plus per cent, I’d have to ask you if you believe in the Easter Bunny too? Because no matter how good, bad, or indifferent a politician is – if he is prepared to blatantly and repeatedly lie in the way that Johnson did over party-gate- whilst, lest not forget, watching his Poor Bloody Infantry, among them Allegra Stratton– fall on their swords, then you are very much through the looking glass.

Enjoy your Easter Eggs!         

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