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DIB event highlights the ‘The Social and Economic Impact of Sport’

With support from sponsors DB3 and Causeway, DIB Birmingham hosted an exclusive Roundtable Dinner on Wednesday bringing together industry leaders and professionals to delve into the profound impact of sports on society and the economy.

Downtown in Business Birmingham had the pleasure of hosting an exclusive Dinner event on Wednesday, ‘The Economic and Social Impact of Sport,’ brought together industry leaders and professionals to delve into the profound impact of sports on society and the economy.

Sponsored by DB3 and Causeway, this event offered attendees a unique opportunity to connect, network, and gain insights from experts into the very real impacts of sport in our communities and business.

The Roundtable Dinner drew attendees from across the Birmingham City region and beyond. Against the backdrop of the Birmingham city skyline with spectacular views and excellent service from the brilliant staff at the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse, participants explored various topics, including the legacy of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, plans for regenerating the Birmingham City FC stadium, and the positive social impact of sports on industry and community.

A highlight of the evening was an address by guest speaker Trevor Steven, former Everton Footballer turned Mental Health Ambassador for Causeway. Trevor’s illustrious career as a professional footballer, coupled with his later role as a sports broadcaster and consultant, brought a unique perspective to the event. Leveraging his extensive experience in sports and his current role as a mental health advocate, Trevor shed light on the intersection of sports, mental health, and community well-being.

He commented: “I was delighted to join DIB, this event provided another great opportunity both for me to talk about mental health campaigns for Causeway and to meet new faces and develop new avenues of support for the work we’re doing in tackling mental health issues in the construction industry.”

Throughout the evening, attendees heard from a range of industry expert guest speakers, who gave some fascinating insights on the future of the sporting world.

Martin Liptrot a Public Affairs, PR and Marketing consultant working with UK, US, and Global clients, spoke on the commercialisation of Sport and sport as an entertainment production and how the franchise model of sport has become more normalised in the U.S.

It was fascinating to hear his reflections on the evolution of game technology, and the rise of the player as celebrity. He made a key point on how Sports can learn from those in the entertainment industry.

Andy McIntyre of VSI, an organisation which designs and delivers elite Executive Education programmes for sports industry professionals, reflected on the successful regeneration of Birmingham City Football Club, and how it can be used as a prime example of how to build a football club into a sustainable success through recognising the place of the club within its community and treating it like a traditional business.

Chrissie Wolfe, a consultant and public speaker, spoke about her experience working as a presenter at the Common Wealth Games and the legacy of the games, bringing people to Birmingham despite the difficulties of the pandemic.

Downtown Chief Executive Frank McKenna said: “We’re thrilled at the excellent conversations sparked by this Roundtable Dinner. Events like this are so important for fostering dialogue, driving innovation, and building connections within the Birmingham community.

“We look forward to putting on many more events like this to create positive change and opportunities for growth in the Birmingham region. We hope our members left they left as inspired as we did and that they’ll go forward with ideas about leveraging this transformative potential of sports to create a brighter future.”

For future events and inquiries, please reach out to Beth McKenna at

Downtown in Business

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