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A week in America | 28 October 2022

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This week Martin looks at the ‘alternative universes’ promising to give US investors stellar performance and wonders whether the sky is the limit?

A week in America | 14 October 2022

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America’s economy is the biggest and the boldest but it is beset with record levels of debt. This week Martin looks at the tough choices ahead if the nation want’s to balance the books.

A week in America | 9 June 2022

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As President Biden, nears the midway point of his term in office, Martin Liptrot discusses the Predidents performance so far.

A week in America | 27 May 2022

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After yet another horrific week in the U.S. Martin Liptrot discusses Texas Governor, Greg Abbott and his pro-gun outlook.

A week in America | 15 April 2022

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As high school seniors across the U.S. prepare for Prom, Martin Liptrot discusses how local businesses help out the next generation of workers, and how Corporate America could learn a thing or two from them.

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