Kigali to the Commonwealth

Former MP and now business consultant Simon Danczuk discusses his recent trip to Rwanda for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting Business Forum and what Britain can learn from the African nation.

Culture, values and people business gym

Beth Locke, Engagement Manager at Liverpool BID Company shares her thoughts on the recent DIB Business Gym event with Glenville Walker and Partners and High Performance Consultancy.

A week in America | 15 April 2022

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As high school seniors across the U.S. prepare for Prom, Martin Liptrot discusses how local businesses help out the next generation of workers, and how Corporate America could learn a thing or two from them.

What next for Lancashire?

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Downtown in Business hosted a Roundtable discussion were the future of Lancashire was debated by business leaders from across the county.

The Business of Politics

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As a DIB poll finds that most business leaders feel abandoned by the political parties, Frank McKenna asks if Andy Street’s suggestion, that more entrepreneurs should go into politics, is the answer?

Outsourcing to Egypt

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The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the outsourcing landscape the world over, and Egypt has fared better than most in these uncertain times, establishing itself as a primary destination for the delivery of such services.