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Feel Empowered with Delicious PR

With International Women’s Day approaching, Birmingham based PR and Events agency, Delicious PR, have just announced an online event to mark the occasion, with special guest broadcasters Suzanne Virdee and Marverine Cole.

Taking place on-line on Monday 8th March 2021 from 6pm to 7.30pm, this is a fantastic opportunity to hear from two of the leading ladies of the media industry to hear them discuss their work in TV, media & education sectors. Hear about their creative passions and how it fuels their ambitions to empower fellow women.

Suzanne Virdee is an award-winning BBC and ITV News journalist and presenter. She has also written her own book ‘A Girl’s Guide to Being Awesome’. The book is about empowering teenage girls not to just survive their teen years, but to thrive.

The book tackles all the tricky topics that growing up in the 21st Century brings including how to survive the 24/7 noise of social media, the impact of easily accessible online porn, relationships, body image and self-esteem, plus how to cope with the pressure of schoolwork and working out what you want to achieve in life.

Marverine Cole is also an award-winning Journalist & Broadcaster – with a career spanning BBC WM, BBC Midlands Today, Sky News and QVC. She is also a Senior Lecturer at Birmingham City University and researcher at the Sir Lenny Henry Centre for Media Diversity.

“I am looking forward to joining this panel session,” explained Marverine. “Suzanne, Anita and I have all worked together in the past, but we are also friends. As allies in the choppy waters of the media, our bond is strong. If you’ve been struggling to build your resilience this last year, and you want to feel empowered to speak your truth – whichever industry you’re in – then this is the perfect event for you.”

Managing Director Anita Champaneri expressed, “The Women in Media Talk is a great chance for women who have worked in the industry to tell us about their stories, and the struggles they have faced as a woman in a male-dominated world. Suzanne, Marverine and I are three women who have experienced many challenges in the media industry. I believe this online event will empower other women and celebrate how far we as women have come.” Be inspired as three of the region’s top female media personalities of colour discuss their education and exciting careers, as well as advice on how you can carve a unique path in male-dominated arenas

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