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Who Are Yer? – Martin Liptrot

This week in Who Are Yer? Our stateside bloger, Martin Liptrot.
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Full Name: Martin Liptrot
Company: 98Republic PR and Marketing Agency
Job Title: Head honcho and chief bottle washer

What does your business do: “Hi-wire PR” is how it has been described to me. A lot of people and organisations get themselves into difficulties trying to tell their story or explain their circumstances. We help them communicate clearly and reach the audiences which matter in what can be a sea of noise. We say we Make Good Ideas Happen, because, having been client side for a long time, I know there are lots of agencies and consultants who will advise you on how you should make a cup of tea but never put the kettle on themselves, if you get my drift.

Where can we find you:
Twitter Handle: @98RepublicUK
Insta: @98republicpr
Company Website:

Favourite sports team: Depends which sport. Follow Everton in the Premiership, currently! Grew up a Rovers fan and love going to Prenton Park and Caldy Rugby are my old team flying high in the Championship.
Favourite Book: Business: The World Is Flat. Thomas Friedman. I had the pleasure of interviewing him as part of a panel at a conference in the States. He was so enlightening, made his case with proof points and examples and put his beliefs into context for world events, economic circumstances, or political realities.
Favourite Band/Artist/Song: Grew up in that 80’s Mersey era – China Crisis are a particular fave but Icicle Works, Wild Swans, Afraid of Mice, Cook Da Books all get a lot of spotify plays now I’m living in the US.
Favourite Restaurant / eat-out: I’m a Florida resident now so waterside dining is always popular, but when back home on the Wirral we make a bee-line for The Refreshment Rooms in New Ferry and Bamboo Thai in Moreton – both are excellent.
Favourite Holiday destination: I’ve always enjoyed New York. Like I said, we live at the beach so packing my swimmers and flip flops is a bit of a busman’s holiday – so being in the city, good food, mad people, loud music, weird venues – I love all that.
Top 5 people dinner party guests, dead or alive: Good question. I wrote a load of famous people I admire initially and then thought, “nah – what a shite night that would be listening to all that serious guff.” So, I’ve gone for a mix who I think would be entertaining – Elvis in his Vegas years. James Hunt circa 1976, Princess Margaret in the late 60’s fags and gin included, Boudicea fresh from leathering the Romans in AD61, and Elton John to tickle the Ivories and get Elvis singing when the brandies are out.
Celebrity crush: I think the first one I can remember was Debbie Harry.
Last social media post: Some nonsense about football probably.

My proudest / best moment is/was… me and the wife raising our two daughters to be solid, good, smart and compassionate girls with an appetite for life.
My advice for 18-year-old me would be… Take it seriously, but not all the time.
My personal business hero(es) is/are… I don’t think in business there is anything heroic about making money – but I’d tip my hat to anyone who has an idea and runs with it. I especially admire the millions of women in Africa and Asia who start businesses – selling, fixing, servicing – without any formal support, access to capital or even rudimentary education in some cases. That’s heroic.
Our company is… Fun to work with, Choosy who we work for, and always up to discuss a new idea.

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