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BMet opens doors to UK’s first FinTech short course

The first FinTech course of its kind in the country is actively recruiting students ready to start in Birmingham at the beginning of June.

The first FinTech course of its kind in the country is actively recruiting students ready to start in Birmingham at the beginning of June.

BMet is launching what is believed to be the first Further Education (FE)-led short course in FinTech in the country. Over the next two years, BMet anticipates rolling out courses which will support around fifty to sixty new students.

The first short course will take four months with self-study, online and in-college learning options. It will introduce learners to FinTech, covering behavioural and technology strands, and feature engagement with industry experts as it delivers on the demand for continuous innovation.

The course has been developed by BMet with partners following publication last year of its FinTech Skills Framework – a ‘Blueprint for Further Education in Birmingham and the West Midlands.’

The sixteen-week course will provide a solid foundation in FinTech concepts and technologies; develop understanding of FinTech’s historical context and evolution; support students in exploring various sectors and identifying opportunities for innovation; offer insights into the regulatory environment and strategies for compliance and underpin career progression and development opportunities.

BMet has developed the course working with the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA); SuperTech, the UK’s only tech supercluster, and leading industry experts. 

Suzie Branch-Haddow, Vice Principal for External Development at BMet, said:

“We can’t wait to start this FinTech programme at BMet!

“We know this region is already a major centre for FinTech with huge potential for this critical growth sector. There is a big role for FE to play in empowering our diverse talent pool to take advantage of the exciting opportunities in Birmingham and the West Midlands.”

Jo Griffin, Project and Skills Lead at SuperTech, will be one of the specialist lecturers on the course. Last year, SuperTech’s Impact Report found the estimated annual economic output from the sector in the West Midlands was £474M with FinTech productivity almost twice the regional average per worker.

Hilary Smyth-Allen, Executive Lead for SuperTech, said:

“I’m thrilled to see this innovative course open its doors for recruitment. 

“The FE Blueprint cemented the status of FinTech in the region as one of the fastest growing tech sectors, but also one that has a significant skills shortage with a specific market gap in our sector. Unsurprisingly, the sector competes for these high value skills among the UK’s major growth sectors, but FE presents an untapped talent pipeline.”  

Students who complete the programme will be awarded with a certificate. Employers in the SuperTech community and beyond will recognise the high value of the course. It will give a significant skills boost to participants and form an important element in their Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Development of the programme has been supported by the WMCA. 

David Gaughan, Head of Employer Services at the WMCA, said:

“We are delighted to back this fantastic new FinTech course at BMet which, along with FE partners across the region, plays such a crucial role in our skills system.

“The business, professional and financial services cluster is set to see significant growth over the next decade, and we’re delighted that the WMCA focus in developing new skills pathways in key growth clusters has resulted in the development of this new FinTech offer to support our residents and employers.”

Employers and aspiring students who are interested in the FinTech Short programme should visit the course page  or email Suzie Branch-Haddow: .

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