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The Party’s Over

As another high-profile MP quits the party and they slip 15 points behind the Tories in the polls, Frank Mckenna questions the future prospects of Labour in his latest blog.


The 51st State

This week Frank Mckenna reflects on the similarities of political tastes in the UK and the US and Boris Johnson launches a Trumpian-style defence of himself and his government.


They think it’s all over…

Frank Mckenna returns to his hobby horse of Brexit in his latest blog: On the eve of the Premier League season I thought it was appropriate to use a football analogy, so I told the BBC “A No Deal Brexit is like telling a Liverpool supporter that they are losing Jurgen Klopp and Sam Allardyce is coming in. So, they won’t be relegated, but they’ll lose more than they win and it won’t be nice to watch.”


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