Downtown in Business prides itself on hosting an eclectic mix of quality events that suit ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders. Breakfast gatherings over coffee; lunches with top speakers; premier gala awards and exclusive, intimate ‘invitation only’ dinners are among the range of networking opportunities we offer to our members. The very best hotels, restaurants and conference spaces are where this exciting programme of activity is presented; some of the regions very best politicians and business leaders are among our speakers; ambitious, modern, high growth business owners and entrepreneurs make up our audiences. Here is a brief description of the regular events that Downtown organises in a commercial arena that gives you the very best platform to showcase your business.

Business of the month

The City of Liverpool College are Downtown Liverpool's 'Business of the Month' for May 2019. As the college for business, The City of Liverpool College is working with businesses across the Liverpool City Region to deliver high quality training to meet your needs.

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Business of the week

Downtown Liverpool's 'Business of the Week' for W/C 20th May 2019 is NexusProtect. NexusProtect brings together an exciting blend of business management, engineering and commercial expertise.

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