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It’s been a hectic, random, progressive first quarter in business for Ubiquity in 2019

It's been a hectic first quarter for Ubiquity, here are some of the highlights.

Working in the property sector and not long after our return from the festive break, it involved using our crisis media management wing to fend off more than 30 national, regional and local reporters working in print, online and broadcast all interested in our property developer client who was trying to complete a new Travelodge in Edge Lane. You may have heard about that!

In health and wellness circles, we’ve been helping the media nationally and locally to highlight the work of Dr. Arun Ghosh and his Ghosh Medical Group. Current campaigns involve not least Stand Up To Cancer, Allergy Awareness Week this week, his Health Ambassador Work for Mothercare’s brilliant Body Proud Mums campaign, plus his appearances on prime time BBC TV in March & April including today and for the remainder of this month on Health: Truth or Scare.

Within the food & drink scene regionally, we continue to combine the attraction of our ever-growing restaurateur clients and their hospitality offer for corporate and SME business by hosting unique events for a variety of clients. May 2019 is no different for another client sector of ours, charity, and in the form of Legacy Liverpool …we’re organising a free comedy night plus networking for corporate and SMEs working in law, accountancy, other professional services industries and property at Lunyalita…be sure to email you don’t miss out! It’s just seven days away!

One of the highlights of the last 12 years has included working with the Italian Club Group (yes, we’ve grown up with a lot of our clients) and this month we helped Italian Club Fish celebrate 10 years. Founders and operators Rosaria & Maurizio recollect how many in their industry said they were destined to fail in opening what is still the city’s only dedicated fish restaurant.

Within sport and leisure, we handled the Ping Pong Fight Club Liverpool campaign generating tens of thousands of pounds worth of coverage and interest from media. This helped to secure a hotly anticipated, well attended contest between multi-sector businesses from around the city at Camp and Furnace.

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