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How to thrive in tough time

The world has thrown a lot at us during the past few years… Brexit.. Covid… the “Great Resignation”… the “Talent Squeeze”… cost of living and inflation. Organisations are finding it tough. Leaders are finding it tough!

Who is it for?  – MDs, CEOs and Senior Leaders who want to drive the performance of their team in the face of adversity! During the session, Simon Hartley, a globally respected sport psychology consultant and performance coach, will share the approaches that world class leaders employ when faced with extreme adversity.

We will discover…

  • How to navigate uncertainty.
  • How to align, empower and engage our teams.
  • How to motivate and inspire our people.
  • How to build individual and team resilience.

Wednesday 6th December 2023
08:30am – 04:30pm
Location: Blackburn Wing,
Bowcliffe Hall


Downtown in Business