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About House of Wisdom

Liberating and Democratising Knowledge

At the heart of House of Wisdom lies a vision that transcends mere knowledge exchange. It’s about building a community where individuals from various walks of life converge to share insights, experiences, innovations and create opportunities. Our mission is rooted in the collective advancement of humanity, echoing the transformative spirit of the original House of Wisdom in Baghdad, the illustrious beacon of knowledge and discovery that illuminated the world from the 8th to the 14th century.

The New Era of Wisdom

Inspired by the the magnificence of the House of Wisdom in medieval Baghdad, a centre for learning and ideas, we envision a modern iteration of this epicenter of enlightenment. Our digital age offers unparalleled opportunities for knowledge dissemination, idea exchange, and collective problem-solving. Our House of Wisdom seeks to harness these capabilities, creating a global community for intellectual growth, meaningful debates, and ground breaking innovations.

Featured House of Wisdom Articles

House of Wisdom

We are delighted that House of Wisdom are our latest Business of the Week. The House of Wisdom is an Intelligent Digital Platform connecting the worlds of Academia, Business and The Curious amongst us.

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Downtown in Business to Host Second Annual Change Makers Live Conference

DIB will be hosting our second annual Change Makers Live Conference on Thursday 18th April 2024, bringing together a spectacular and eclectic line-up of innovators, policy makers, and influencers from various industry’s at the stunning Spine Building in Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter to discuss the key issues that are affecting businesses in the UK and around the world.

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