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The end for Ben Wallace?

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Defence Secretary Ben Wallace is not only snubbed by President Biden for a top NATO job, he’s losing his Lancashire seat. Jim takes the chance to examine our relations with America as well as looking at the regional shake up in parliamentary boundaries.

A week in America | 12 May 2023

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As the U.S. braces for the largest ever influx of immigrants across its southern border this weekend – Martin looks at the other group of migrants changing the nation’s towns and cities – Americans.

A week in America | 02 September 2022

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Martin looks at President Biden’s announcement to forgive up to $10,000 in student loans and explores why the system is fundamentally broken.

A week in America | 22 July 2022

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As Britain experienced its hottest day ever this week, Martin Liptrot looks at the climate crisis in America and what President Biden can do about it.

A week in America | 12 November 2021

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It’s been a successful week for President Biden. A starring role at COP26 was equalled by accomplishments from his team back in the U.S.A.

A week in America | 29 October 2021

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The big talking point across the Atlantic this week is President Biden’s ‘Billionaire’s Proposal’, Martin Liptrot looks at what this will mean for POTUS both domestically and internationally.

A week in America | 21 October 2021

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After a quick visit across the pond, Martin Liptrot discusses the U.S. and UK’s differing solutions to the climate change problem. Is Boris’ ‘Heat Pumps’ plan the solution?

A week in America | 30 September 2021

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This week in the U.S. the Moderates and the Progressives have threatened to derail their own President’s plan for a European-style social security safety net, moves to bolster health care coverage for all, and thwart his proposal to invest heavily in climate change, renewable energy, and early years education.

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