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Is Starmer a Brexiter now?

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In his latest blog, Frank McKenna argues that Keir Starmer is right to rule out the UKs return to the EU.

Has Sunak finally got Brexit done?

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Frank McKenna reflects on Rishi Sunak’s ‘Windsor Agreement’ – and the potential impact it has on the wider UKs future relationship with the EU.

End the “Hunger Games”

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A major Downtown conference last week was told there was a need for a major reform of the way the government is funding levelling up. Jim was in Birmingham and summaries the event. He also asks just how will did Labour actually do in recent North West by elections?

Brexit isn’t working

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A litany of facts prove that leaving the EU was a mistake. But are British politicians ready to accept the fact that they need to have an open and honest conversation with the electorate about the need for a more pragmatic approach to be adopted towards our European neighbours?

The price of Truss and Brexit

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Jim analyses the Chancellor’s statement blaming Brexit and Liz Truss more than Covid and Ukraine for the mess.He also reports on a row amongst Labour members in Bury South.

Brexit is done – so what now?

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The Tory leadership contest is long on time – but short on ideas. The 2019 election campaign promised to deliver Brexit. But now what? Truss nor Sunak appear to have the answer, anymore than Johnson did.

The ‘peace dividend’ ends just at the wrong time

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With the Governor of the Bank of England predicting a recession, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine smashing the ‘peace dividend’ and the prime minister indulging in economic Cake-ism, does the government have a plan to grow the economy? Frank McKenna suggests tax -cutting may be the way to go.

Six Years On

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Six years on from our decision to leave the European Union, Jim looks at how it is impossible for any of the parties to admit we made a huge mistake and promise any steps to remedy the damage it is doing to business.

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