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Donald Trump

The Downtown Den Politics Podcast | 26th January 2024

  • by chris

The Daily Telegraph is after him, Simon Clarke is after him, and now a former advisor to the PM is apparently part of a group of Tories who are after him too. Would the Conservatives really give us our fourth prime minister in two years?

The 51st State

  • by chris

This week Frank Mckenna reflects on the similarities of political tastes in the UK and the US and Boris Johnson launches a Trumpian-style defence of himself and his government.

Blankety Blank on policy, Johnson heads to Downing Street

  • by chris

As Boris Johnson marches towards victory and 10 Downing Street, does he have a clue what to do when he gets there? He seems a bit short on detail, but he’s not the only one argues Frank McKenna in his latest Downtown blog.

From “Letter Box” to Christchurch

This week Jim urges populist politicians to curb the rhetoric after the dreadful events in New Zealand. He also reflects on turbulent times exactly forty years ago.