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Jeremy Hunt

The triple lock is a drag on the economy

  • by chris

The ‘Triple Lock’ is economic folly according to DIB boss Frank McKenna. In his latest blog, he explains why – and warns that the retirement age could be heading into a whole new stratosphere.

The Downtown Den Politics Podcast | EP. 23 | 25th March 2024

  • by chris

Labours shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves delivered the Mis Lecture this week. Did she lay out a progressive programme of economic reform, or has her pragmatism taken her to a place where she is simply promising to be Continuity Jeremy Hunt? 

Still want the job Rachel?

  • by chris

In his blog Jim asks if Rachael Reeves still wants the job of Chancellor after Jeremy Hunt has stolen her policies and left a legacy of tax increases and spending cuts.

The Hunt is on

  • by chris

The highest taxes for generations and falling living standards, yet argues Jim in his latest blog, the Chancellor offered stability and some ground breaking measures for the North and Midlands in this week’s Budget.

Expect caution all round in budget

  • by chris

On the eve of the Budget Jim has been asking the Shadow Chancellor, Rachel Reeves, about her cautious approach to Labour spending plans. Meanwhile the Chancellor is more worried about his backbenchers calling for tax cuts now.

Go for growth Chancellor

  • by chris

Frank McKenna urges the Chancellor to use his £30 Billion windfall to support business and the economy, and go for growth, when he delivers his budget next month.

Still time to vote for Hunt!

This week Jim urges Tories who may not have voted, to support Jeremy Hunt after Boris Johnson’s betrayal of our Washinton envoy. He also criticises Labour’s latest policy on Europe.