Prime Minister

Drip… Drip… Drip

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Jim examines the efforts to unseat the Prime Minister as speculation grows that their could be a vote on his future soon. He also has some reflections on the Platinum Jubilee.

Laying down friends for his life

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Jim looks forward to how the Prime Minister will handle the Gray Report and probably survive. He also asks if Bury South Labour Party will be free to decide if defector Christian Wakeford represents them at the next election

Grimmer and grimmer

Could we be facing a year of Corvid crisis with all its implications for social and business disruption? That’s the fear that Jim expresses this week as he sees few lights at the end of the tunnel. He also speculates what might have happened if David Miliband had become Prime Minister 10 years ago.

Need for clarity

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This week Jim fears the lock down is here to stay,and calls for proper rules to be in place when the Prime Minister is ill. He also looks at Labour’s new team.

Judges to stop No Deal?

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Might the Supreme Court be called in again to tame Boris Johnson? Jim asks what’s behind the contradictory government mantra that it will respect the No Brexit law whilst getting out by October 31. Jim also reports from Labour’s radical conference and says the Manchester economy will not be hit because the Commons has voted to sit during the Tory conference in the city.

The Northern Powerhouse

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There’s me, Tony Wilson, Steve Roberts from Granada, Ruth Turner, who goes on to work for Tony Blair, Frank McKenna and a couple more, all sat in a bar in Manchester. It sounds like the start to a bad joke, which in some respects, it probably is.

Painful or pointless: Call it off

This week Jim calls on pro EU Cabinet Ministers to force Mrs May to negotiate openly with the Opposition parties that she has shut out so far.

Then as now

Echoes from the past The Prime Minister goes to the country in a snap General Election appealing for support across party lines. The Irish border… Read More »Then as now