Risk of World War Three

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This week, with great regret, but in all seriousness, Jim contemplates the real possibility of world war arising from the Ukraine crisis.

You have to stand up to a bully – but will we?

Do Brits – or indeed the West – have an appetite for a war with Putin? We can’t even have a mature debate about Fracking, and we love cuts in defence spending. Frank McKenna’s latest blog reflects on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

At the court of Putin

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Jim finds the spectacle of world leaders beating a path to the Kremlin worrying. In this week’s blog he concludes that ,whatever happens, democracy is on the defensive in the world.

100 years on from Versailles

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100 years ago the Versailles Treaty shaped the modern world we live in. But Vladimir Putin says liberal democracy is dead. Jim agrees there are certainly worrying signs.